The Fisk Connection—Saturday, April 14 at 7:30PM

We are participating in a progressive recital with GUUC (next door) featuring Kathleen Adams, Francis Conover Fitch, Carl Klein, Michael Kraft, Mark Nelson, and Robert Wech. Each one is connected to the work of the late Charles B. Fisk, whose firm located in Magnolia is world-renowned for superb pipe organs in churches, universities and concert halls.

The concert will be narrated by Charles Nazarian describing the connection of the players to Fisk, history of the two remarkable instruments, and information about how the pipe organ sounds. The recital will begin at GUUC and come here at the intermission. There will be a festive reception here following.

Click here for tickets, cost is $20/15, under 17 free.

Global mission usually means traveling far away, but on Saturday, April 21, it’s coming to us! Our diocese is hosting the Jubilee Global Missions Summit at the Cathedral in Boston. During the course of the day, participants will explore God’s expectations of partnerships in a number of different contexts and share experiences of best, and sometimes worst, partnership practices.

Hearing and Brain Fitness: Better Health through Hearing Spirituality, Saturday, April 21, 2018, 11:00 am, at St. John’s.

Learn about the human hearing system, your brain, and how you can keep your brain sharper through better hearing. There will be door prizes and gifts too! Free hearing screenings will also be offered after the presentation. We will answer your questions about hearing aids and explain the role of aural rehabilitation and brain fitness in hearing health.

Beauport Hearing Care takes a more holistic approach. Good nutrition and exercise matter. Better hearing is not just about hearing aids!

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