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Generous giving makes all of St. John's mission and ministry possible, and there are many opportunities to support this vital work.

Your gifts can be directed to a variety of resources which you can choose or you may make a general donation. Each campaign is outlined below for your consideration. You can support us now through our PayPal link.

Make a Donation 

Dontion Form
Music Giving

Planned Giving (Safe Harbor Society)
Our members often want to give more than their annual pledge, and for most families, a planned gift is their best opportunity to make a larger donation. Everyone who has notified us that their legacy will include a gift to the parish is a member of our Safe Harbor Society. But the Safe Harbor Society is about more than planned giving: we also offer information, resources, and occasional workshops on all aspects of end-of-life planning, and we offer an annual thank-you event for all members of our society. For more information or to join, please contact us. 

Giving for Music
Gifts to the Music Guild fund make it possible for our Director of Music to invest in our rich and vibrant practice of music. Some people also make gifts earmarked to sponsor occasional services sung by Festina, a small professional choral ensemble.

Rectors Discretionary Fund 
This is how our Rector helps the poor and needy, by making gifts to individuals and organizations on behalf of the congregation. All gifts to individuals are made in strictest confidence. Individuals are welcome to make gifts to the fund, but it is not possible to direct such a gift to a particular recipient.

We ask you to prayerfully consider your pledge for 2024. St. John's is a sacred community with a spiritual and loving family, with a beautiful place to worship and a holy commitment to minister to our wider community. A pledge is one outward and visible sign of your commitment to God and to this faith community.


Annual Giving

Annual Giving is about much more than"meeting a budget" and "paying the bills". Christian stewardship always begins with gratitude.  In gratitude for God's abundant generosity to us, we generously share our resources with each other so that we can carry out our shared mission as a parish community.   
Every Fall, we hold our Annual Pledge Campaign at Saint John’s. You are invited to prayerfully consider your annual financial contribution and then make a pledge for the coming year. Pledges can be made by completing a pledge form (paper or on-line). Those who would like to set up automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts for making pledge payments, may do so through their banks. One-time contributions may also be made through this page through PayPal. If you have questions, please contact our Parish Administrator, Elizabeth de Veer either by email or by calling the office at 978-283-1708.                                                 


Thank you for Supporting St. Johns!

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