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Monday, November 2, All Souls' Day

Monday, November 2 is All Souls' Day

From ancient times, Christians have prayed for our departed loved ones, but this year, when the world has suffered such loss and been prevented from mourning our losses as we would prefer, the traditional observance of All Souls' Day is an especially precious, and cathartic, gift. Therefore, Festina was enthusiastic to honor all the faithful departed in this Requiem Mass, and we are privileged to have their artistry to support and encourage our own prayers. 

The Mass setting is by the lesser-known Italian composer (and Franciscan monk) Ludovico da Viadana (c. 1560-1627), but this video is evidence that his music is worthy of greater attention. You'll also hear a motet by Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741) who literally wrote the book on counterpoint, thereby contributing to the musical education of Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn. Rounding out the service, in place of the traditional In paradisum is a setting of John 11:25-26 (I am the resurrection and the life) by Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612), one of the most important German composers of all time.

May they rest in peace. Amen.


Adele Quincy Ervin Kathryn Parks Gloria Masterson Richardson Edward Call  Eloise Clark Call  Edward Call Jr. Loretta Kimberly Call  Ruth Bader Ginsburg Eileen Kappy Joseph Anders  Connie Anders  Bill Brodrick  Min Brodrick  Lyle Travis  Marion Travis  Daniel P. Lorange Mary A. Lorange Arthur J. McGeary Mary Etta McGeary Bernard J. McGeary Virginia M. McGeary Daniel A. McGeary F. Thomas Drugan Eileen M. Drugan Arthur J. McGeary Jr. Carol McGeary Daniel G. Lorange Virginia M. Lorange Robert J. Lorange Sally Lorange Richard Lombard Mary Lombard Jacqueline Jackson Deborah Lorange Daniel J. Lorange Douglas Guidry Betty D Knott James M Knott, Sr. Eugene Bowie Roberts, Jr. James Ferguson Cynthia Fraser Timmie Cullen Laura Brainard Bowie Oden Bowie William Lee Slabe Carolyn Reid Hays Marion Chandler Hays Thomas Chandler Hays Niles Easton Mills Graham Kendall Miller Timmie Cullen Ira Gorman Jo Ramsey Connor Johnson Tucker Chelstowski Ryan Duff Asher Applegate Marge Applegate Joseph Dietrich Adelia Dietrich Larry Ramsey Geraldine Ramsey G.T. Ward Margaret Ward Sikko Parma Irene McCullum Zager Mary K. Ward Joan Murray-Brown Mark Alan Pendleton Wendy Stock Williams Pietro Mola Herb Ormsbee Edith Annette Biggar Dean Harrison Sr. Alberta Trefry Jane Walsh Andy Harris Richard Jefferson Brian Tarr Arnold Ellis Frances “Cherie” Everett William DeSimone Lydia Priest Doris Bayliss Janet Williams Charles Currier Russell Moulton Emilie Stotzer Arlene Wilson


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