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Advent Celebration, O-Antiphons

Usually, we gather in person at St. John's for a musical celebration of Advent under beautiful blue streamers. This year, Music Director Mark Nelson brings the O-Antiphons into our homes so that we can remember the season together but safely. Please download and refer to the daily O-Antiphon meditation guide for more information.

Day 1: December 17, O Sapentia, O Wisdom

Day 2: December 18, O Adonai, Lord of Might

Day 3: December 19, O Radix Jesse, O Root of Jesse

Day 4: December 20, O Clavis David, O Key of David

Day 5: December 21, O Oriens, O Rising Dawn

Day 6: December 22, O Rex Gentium, O King of Nations

Day 7: December 23, O Emmanuel


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