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Sunday, December 27, First Sunday After Christmas

Sunday, December 20 is the first Sunday after Christmas. Find the readings here.

Dear Friends,

As we know that Christmas lasts 12 days, starting on the 25th of December, we do "keep the feast" and glory in the music of this time despite the demands of the retail sector! So we have a Morning Prayer service complete with some of your favorite carols and (giving me a little break from the organ) Festina singing at the beginning and the end. Lovely. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prohibited me from successfully getting the audio of any of the diocesan sermons to play, and not wanting to give you 10 minutes practice on your lipreading skills, there is no sermon. However, there are many places to hear a sermon, many of them good, I suspect.

Some flagship opportunities:

Or far away:

The Cardboard Cathedral in ChristChurch New Zealand (where people can attend live church)

Blessed Christmas greetings from the whole staff here!

- Mark Nelson, Music Director

Today's Coffee Hour will be hosted by Katharine Newhouse. Join in via Zoom at noon.

Meeting ID: 726 5537 1680

Passcode: e39yUf

December 27 is the feast day for Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist, and our patron. Learn more about Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist from Father Bret.



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