Common Cathedral


The first time I ever encountered common cathedral was the very first day you started … I just happened to be cutting through the Common like I normally do … and the thing I could hear from the distance by Park Street station was, “Come, listen. I have some good news.” So I thought to myself, this ought to be thrilling, ’cause I haven’t heard any good news for a long time. -Gary

Common Cathedral is the outdoor church of Ecclesia Ministries. They gather every Sunday at 1 p.m. by the Brewer Fountain on Boston Common as well as for weekday programs and pastoral care throughout the week. On Easter Day 1996, when The Rev. Debbie Little first gathered people who live on the streets of Boston to form a worshiping community on Boston Common, the participants named the service common cathedral.

Our own coordinator Carole Secrest writes:

The Common Cathedral is a ministry that was started by Rev. Deborah Little many years ago. She saw a need to bring the word of the Lord to the homeless population. She started a Sunday Worship hour in Boston on the commons. Now several cities across the USA practice this ministry very successfully.
It is a worthy outreach practice. The homeless population feel very special when people take time to bring food. They also feel very special when people share this lunch and worship time with them. They really appreciate this kindness. I’ve been involved with this group for several years. I find it to be a very rewarding experience.

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