St. John's Episcopal Church, Gloucester MA

St. John’s shines with grace and excellence in many ways, but none more brightly than in our service to people in the wider community. We do more for those outside our walls than most churches twice our size. That starts with welcoming in people who need a healthy meal and a safe place to spend the day, who find their needs met by Harvest Meals and the Grace Center. We also meet the needs of those struggling with addiction by hosting three different Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every week. Our Thrift Shop offers an opportunity for people to rebuild their lives by supplying them with furnishings and clothing that they couldn’t otherwise afford. The Souper Bowl of Caring and our annual turn with Common Cathedral provide vital supplements to the nutrition of our area’s most vulnerable people. The Emergency Fund and the Rector’s Discretionary Fund also help those who would otherwise “fall through the cracks,” meeting needs urgent that no institutional programs cover.Many families take turns making sandwiches on Saturdays so that the guests of the Action shelter will have a decent meal to take with them when they leave in the morning. St. John’s also hosts a number of other outside organizations, from the League of Women Voters to the Coalition to Prevent Domestic Abuse, who have no money but need a decent place to meet. Taken together, thousands of people rely on St. John’s and its people to go on living in a harsh and unjust world. Your gifts of time and money are the only thing that keep these ministries, and the people who need them, alive. Most of them come and go without our ever learning their names, but in each one of them we see the face of Christ.


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