Cape Ann Choir School

Cape Ann Choir School at St. John’s Episcopal Church

Classes are held each Thursday at 4:30 pm until 5:30 pm. (the school follows the public school vacation schedule.) The mission of the Choir School is to provide an opportunity for all children to expand their horizons through music, and specifically through the finest music of the church. The training program is “Voice for Life” of the Royal School of Church Music. This extensive program encourages a high level of music education which may be taken through a singer’s entire lifetime. The students develop citizenship and social skills, as they learn to work together for a common goal growing in musicianship. Choristers also develop a strong work ethic, developing good habits to sustain them throughout their lives, such as focusing on a task, communication skills, teamwork and leadership development.
Although the Choir School is a ministry of Saint John’s Episcopal Church, students of any or no faith are welcome to be a part of the Choir School.

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