Church Office

From the Church office:

On Mondays, it’s the Ms. Fixit’s hard at work. Phone calls! Sue preparing deposit for the bank. Oh, here comes Binky looking for “Bacon, Bacon! Treats! People popping in to see Elizabeth…or Mark…or Bret…or “I lost my usher schedule…am I on this Sunday? Drop-offs for Thrift Shop or Country Cupboard Fair. Cursillo Reunion, or Bible Study meeting in the evening.
On Tuesdays, League of Women Voters, Our Place etc. and Thrift Shop is (seasonal). It’s staff time…and more of the above. Harvest Meals at 5pm . Vestry or Sorellanza in the evening.
On Wednesdays, it’s Men’s Bible Reflection. The Thrift Shop is (seasonal). AA in the evening.
On Thursdays, it’s bulletin prep for Sunday, plus Cape Ann Choir School and St. John’s Choir rehearsals.
Mixed in between are funerals and weddings.
There is always coffee in the kitchen and if you want humor, just come and visit!! I’m always up to the challenge! Just ask staff!!
Marge Bishop, church assistant

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