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Nurture and Challenge Your Spirit

Our mission in Christ is to nurture and equip members for spiritual growth and active participation in ministries of compassion, justice and peace in the church and beyond.


Welcoming and affirming, St John’s Episcopal Church is a dynamic spiritual community open to God’s grace and human faith. Regular worshiper, first-timer, or occasional visitor, we hope you will enjoy our fellowship.

For 150 Years Saint John’s Episcopal Church has quietly glorified God by serving Gloucester and the surrounding area. As Episcopalians, we trace our identity back to the Roman Catholic Church, from which our spiritual ancestors were separated due to the politics of 16th-century England. Today, while our faith remains rooted in Scripture and the Creeds, we enjoy debating issues that lie beyond those core principles. At Saint John’s we are proud to welcome everyone to the fullness of sacramental worship and parish life.
We are also proud to glorify God with our beautiful services and with our many ministries to the community.We have lively programs for youth in both Cape Ann Choir School (Thursdays 4:30-5:30, September – May) and Cape Ann Arts Alive (August 20–24). And of course, children are welcome at all of our services. We have a Thrift Shop that sustains our other ministries while providing clothing and shoes for anyone in the Cape Ann community. Every week we host the Our Place, Harvest Meals, Learn to Cope, three 12 Step meetings, and two art classes. We host or partner with Action, Inc., Sorellanza, the League of Women Voters, and the Coalition to Prevent Domestic Abuse. And, most simply, we open the Middle Street doors of our gorgeous church on Monday through Thursday mornings, so that anyone who needs a moment of rest, prayer, or inspiration may find one “in the beauty of holiness.”
Please join us for worship at 8:00am or 10:30am on a Sunday morning, or for any of our scheduled events. It’s an honor to serve such a dynamic parish and I pray that our worship, ministries, and celebrations serve Gloucester, too. Pray for us, as we pray for you.
Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Bret B. Hays, Rector





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